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ANGLIAN WATER, in the UK, orders two integrated SLG® + FLOSEP solutions

Ore?ge Visuel Corporate

Voisins-le-Bretonneux, 12 September 2018, 8am – Orege announces the sale of two integrated mobile SLG® + Flosep solutions to Anglian Water for a total value of around £400,000. These solutions will be delivered in November.

After successfully achieving the proof of concept milestone under the leadership of its operations & innovation teams, Anglian Water has now ordered two mobile SLG® + Flosep units for conditioning and thickening liquid sludge across 8 sites.

“The overall Opex costs of sludge haulage within the Anglian region are high, driven by our population distribution and the fact that we have the largest geographical area of any water company to cover in England and Wales with over 1000 water recycling treatment works producing sludge on a daily basis” said Anglian Water’s Operations Director. “Our strategic aim is to reduce the cost and environmental impact of sludge volumes hauled.” he continued

The compact mobile solution from Orege, deployed on a trailer weighing less than 3.5 tons, will be able to reduce the volume of sludge transported by between 50% and 60%, reducing the number of tanker journeys and generating operational savings as well as reducing the carbon footprint of the operation.

This second order from Anglian Water, which follows our first order from Wessex Water, represents an important step in the adoption of the SLG® technology by two of the leading water companies in the UK.

“This SLG® + Flosep mobile unit, Orege’s proprietary solution, is a perfect example of what SLG® technology can bring to treatment plants without sludge treatment equipment. We are convinced that this innovative solution will become a flagship product for Orege on the UK market and in all countries where the philosophy of sludge treatment is identical.” said Pascal Gendrot, CEO and cofounder of Orege.

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